Friday, February 20, 2015


When I woke up this morning, I saw an Iphone!!! beside me instead of my boyfriend. OMG! although the present was late because valentine's day had passed few days ago. But still I would like to thanks my lovely boyfreind, sweetie , I LOVE YOU...
OK. The end.

This is what I saw few days ago from FB WALL,
 what I felt is,
 I mean I know this may sound wrong for me to say it
 hm...why would your boyfriend bought an Iphone for you?
is this the representation of love, because he want to show you how much he love you so he bought a phone that is over 3k for you ? romantic he is but at the same time , have you thought of????
THIS also represent you're a materialistic person in his mind ? oppssiiiiii...........
 perhaps, you never thought of it.OK,NVM.
live in your dream my girl.
 XP OK.The end.

 The main point of this post is... tada~ RM3 with addition of three zero behind it can do a lot of things..
er....what I meant was you can spend the money more wisely rather than just buying a phone.
 Phone basically is just a device for communication.
 well, I'm not saying that you cannot have a smartphone since phone is use for communication only. but....argh...
I started to feel lazy to explain.
Just spend your money wisely. And yes, you're allowed/suppose to feel happy when you got an Iphone for you, but please if you're agree with what I just said, spend the $ wisely.
Lets see what can 3k do in the list below:
1.A PlayStation 4 (RM1,366) and a Samsung 40″ LED TV (RM988) for your room
2.If you are all about movies, then you can get a 40″ Samsung SMART Full HD LED TV (RM1,399) and a Pioneer Dvd Home Theater System (RM999)
3.8 Days 7 Nights package vacation in Pulau Perhentian (3 Star Hotel). Includes breakfast, lunch & dinner
Info in the list is taken from For more information,please click on the link,

Well, how would I spend if I have 3k?
I'll spend it on gym, hire a trainer for 3 months to make body healthier hehe. Health is more important than everything and trainer could assist on it and 3 months is more than enough for you to remember on what to eat and which exercise to do to build your muscle and most importantly, the correct position and way to train to prevent you from getting injured. Thanks for reading. :)

Saturday, February 8, 2014


发现自己不能当坏人的时候,却硬要当,硬要和别人计较 的我,很幸苦

Monday, September 30, 2013


Well well well, tmr will be the first day of my internship .
Am I nervous??
Hm....a little.
lets calm down with a joke.
某富翁想要娶老婆 ~
第一個女孩買了很多棉花 裝滿房間的1/2
第二個女孩買了很多氣球 裝滿房間的3/4
第三個女孩買了一根蠟燭 讓光線充滿房間
speechless ya???
Haha, have a nice day!!
Oh, I've watch the internship,its a nice movie though. 
Thought that you might want to give it a try. 
here is the trailer:

Thursday, June 13, 2013

When I was your man (female version)

You should have bought me flowers, 
and held my hand,
should have gave me all your hours 
when you have the chance~~

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

we're getting closer n closer

The timing is not right , we're getting closer n closer day by day.
And this has frighten me as the number of people I care will be increase again.
well, according to my experience, as the number of ppl I care has increases,
the possibility that I would get hurt will increase too.
So, I'm feeling insecure now.
We're one step closer to become best friend,
 and you're one step left to enter my heart.
I've been hurt so many times,
and I'm nt sure I could do this again.
and so......
I'm sorry, I couldn't accept u.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013


I think something really happen when the examiner was marking my exam paper,
because I pass it all again. XD

So this week is the second week of my Y2S3 trimester, ngek ngek 
everything is fine
I'm gaining weight again
I din't learn my lesson and I continue to take 6 subjects in this trimester
Haha, hope miracle will happen again and of course I will try my best to all the subject
But erm..
I'm quite stress because the device that I need to use for my mini project cose RM1300.
 Student could use those devices for free in the lab but if someone accidentally spoil it, 
 he or she will have to pay for it.
 I'm so Stress~~~~~~~~~~
 Hope everything will be fine.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Last day of this semester

Finally finish the final paper of this semester.
Hm.....I feel stupid, why am I taking so many subjects in this semester?
Oh ya, because I thought I'm hardworking enough to handle .(which is I'm not)
Anyway, it's too late to regret so just face it.
Going to enjoy my holiday and accept the consequences after that.
Oh yeah ,and recently I'learn a new 成语 which is 大马停电
Hope my result can 大马停电 and become 4.0
For more info ,please check out this video and you will understand what it mean: