Thursday, January 14, 2010

the 1st day= the last day

Yesterday were the 1st day of my job.
6pm started. 1 malay woman told me what I have to do.
So she teached me how to used the computer.
5 minutes later. A girl asked me go to stick the price on a very big basket of food, and arrange it nicely.argh! why should I do tat ar? I went there to work as a cashier leh.
Haiz..cnt say anything. Better finish my work faster then I can back to my counter.
15 minutes later. A girl who also work there, she asked me to help her finished her work bcoz she have to go back in that time. Then I said ok lo, I'll help her.
After finished my job, I help her to do her's job. Another big basket.
It took me about 45 minutes to finished it.
Finally, I can back to my counter.
The market manager told me all the rules.
1) If sum1 rob ur counter, U have to pay back by ur own money
2) If u rcv fake money, U also have to pay .
3) If u counted wrong ..........
lastly, SMILE.swt!
Argh, so many rules.
Luckily, yesterday nobody rob the shop,so I'm safe.
They said I have to stay there until 10.30 or maybe 10.40 to arrange those stuff and they have to count the money clearly then everyone only can went back.
SO..............I WAIT AND WAIT AND WAIT....10.45 AD, I'm still inside the shop.
Argh! dunno got OT or not...
Reached home at 11.00 ,feel so tired coz I had stand for 4 and a half hour.

Today, I went there to inform them I dun wan to work at there ad, can I get my salary for 1 day?
The manager said, U have to giv me a copy of ur IC , then we'll send it to the office.

dun feel like wan to work ad tired....