Saturday, September 19, 2009


Yesterday I went to my grandma house with my mom.After listen them gossip about sumbody,I went to a room for sleep. I used to be scare of that room because when I was young, we( me and cousin) said that room got ghost. But since I'm so tired, I went in.
Listen to hitz fm with my earphone.Things gone well in the 1st 20 minutes.
After that I heard sum1 shouting....i dun wan to boder it.....scare after a while,nth happen. I faster went out from that room, then I realize that my mom is the one who shouted just now.....
A samseng wanna spray my mom's car bcoz he want money, siao !
he said he want RM 500000. Hm....I think tat guy is really crazy, he bring along a 1m palang dou . Then he asked my mom to go out and talk to him. WTF ! we said we are going to call the police if he stil dun wanna live. Finally he left.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Check your answer

If you want to check your add math and math answer or do some practice , u may go to this website :

For math, the selangor marking scheme haven come out yet.
you may check your add math answer 1st, it wil be update soon.
hope this may help you!

inside also got the add math question for ppd klang, if ur skul wil be having exam using ppd question, tis may help u.

so sad after i checked my answer ~_~