Thursday, April 23, 2009


Everytime I faced problem,I kept it,not to let ppl know till....
One day, I cnt hold it anymore,I decided to tel you...
I told u every single problem I faced,(not every problem la actuali)
I felt really good since I found someone to talk with,
listen to me,
concern me,
care about me.
Since I've been feeling so unsafe for a long time,
I'm very glad I found u.
The feeling of loneliness had gone since that day.

Until one day, I decided to tel u the problem I facing,
me: hey, I've something to tel u, something tat cnt get out of my mind.
u: haiyer, why u have so many problems? wei shen me zi ji zhao ma fan?
me: nvm ( I left ) tears fall again

the hope had change to hopeless suddenly.
the tears never stop falling
until i sleep

I dun wan to be happy or else i'll be very sad in the nex minute.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

suppose to (应该) / want to(想要) / have to(必须)

I've been thinking this quite a long time.
Things I do everyday is what I suppose to do or
what I want to do?
FINALLY I found the answer.

I suppose to do my homework
actuali I dun even wan to touch it

I suppose to laugh when ppl tell a joke
actuali i dun even wan to smile

I suppose to eat
actuali i dun even wan to open my mouth

I suppose to wear cloth
actuali i dun even wan to wear (.......)

I suppose to bath
actuali i dun even wan to go in the bathroom

I suppose to give some reaction
although I dun even knw what you're talking

I dun even wan to talk with mf(the ppl i hate)
but i have to

I dun even wan to go to school
but i have to

I dun even wan to stay alive
but i have to

I want to kick your ass
but I'm not suppose to do it

Friday, April 10, 2009

Found this funny video, hope you all will enjoy it....haha