Tuesday, September 27, 2011



Monday, September 26, 2011

Gamer fever.

So I found this website yesterday.
and I choose to play the DD Tank .
hehe. It's fun. 
you should try it.
We can battle!!

Car wash

I'll just make this simple.
 cause This make me happy.
I drove my car to wash this afternoon, so ..................
hm......I found it so funny, cause....
the end~~
my simple happiness. 
Just stay positive and they'll(快乐) come to find u.

Happy holiday!

First of all, I'm still alive.Thanks for worrying.haha.
I din't update my blog ,it doesn't mean I'm dead.
so I'm kinda "enjoying" my sem break holiday. 
Today I counted how many days of holiday I have, >>36 days. 
which means 5 weeks + 1 day.
wow!But 16 had passed, still left 20 days.
Luckily , I found a job. 
I'm going to work as a promoter for 14 days starting from tmr.
hah! which means after I finished my worked, I still left 6 days.
Wee....Can't wait for it.. 
nah, I don't mean that I can't wait for the holiday to end. 
What I  meant was can't wait to spend the money I earn .ngek ngek. 
I want to buy myself many a give as reward for finishing my foundation studies. 
You should do that for yourself too.
Buy yourself a give after you achieve a target. 
yea, I know. You think this is what people do when they have no friends to buy them a give right?
nah! Whatever, I'm Happy. 

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Exam result

The exam result is going out tmr .
I hope I can get the result I want.
can't even sleep well for tis few weeks.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Just In case you don't know

I'm so sorry that I couldn't go to penang with you all.
the reason is....
I might fail for my exam.
so the relationship is.....
if I fail I have to get back to school which means I don't have 3 weeks sem break, which means that I don't have the extra money to go for the vacation.
Cause I need the money for daily expenses, since I'm nt having the holiday.

Sincerely apologize by:

Monday, September 5, 2011


I just finished my thermodynamics exam.
Started to worry, so I went online and check on my answer.
For your information, I only have to get 34marks out of 100 marks in order to pass this subject.
34 out of 100,easy huh?
yea, I thought so.
After searching online, and finish checking my marks.
The max marks I can get is only 36.
well, this doesn't mean that I can get exactly 36 marks, teacher marks referring to their marking scheme ,and I marks by referring my marking scheme. It is different.
such a tragedy.
after studying in this university, I feel so stupid.
I feel useless, I'm in sem 4 now.
my friends are in degree right now.
This is the 2nd time I take this subject.
which means this is a repeated paper.
And I still can't pass it.
such a shame.
I did a lot of careless mistake.
and I lost all the marks.
Now I understand why people kill them self due to stress.
Cause I want to do it too. . . .
Actually the main problem I want to suicide is not because of I'm stupid, I did nth well.
It's just I don't know how to face all my friends, face problem ,u know?
if you give me a chance to leave here and go to another place to study,
I won't think about suicide anymore.
why do I care about what my friend think about me so much?
if they are so called "friend", they should support me and don't look down on me right?
hm...yea, ok.
I'm fine now. back to study.