Thursday, May 19, 2011

I feel good.

For some reason , I feel good today.
but wat reason?
I dunno .
I'm just in the mood of feeling good.
So here is a video I'm about to share.
Hope this would help u to feel good and nice.

14th may

Mom and dad went to Genting early in the morning.
So I'm going to babysit my 2 naughty sister again!
Today is a marathon for me cause my sis is having a tuition marathon.
her tuition schedule as shown below:
8-10 am: delta HQ
10-12am: school band.
1-5pm : delta botanic.
Me as a driver rushed here and there to fetch her.
Went kp to meet my frens.
Met huilian,sally,ss,xinyi,maevin.^^
We played bowling and went to setia alam pasar malam at night.
It was fun! argh! I can't tel u much, coz I 4gt the feeling ad.
Check out my facebook for more photo.haha!
I knw I'm lame, sorry if this border u.

13rd may

Today I went to genting v  my beloved pkm.
Hehe, we had a lot of fun.
We bought indoor ticket but
it is not worth for it.
bcoz many of the machine is
under maintenance .
Din get a chance to play roller coaster!
But nvm, we stil had fun.
We had alot of window shopping,
and we bought smth very affordable.^^
I found this very funny.
it cost me only RM4.9.
the necklace cost me RM6.9 and the ring cost me RM1.
damn cheap.haha.
For more photo,plz visit
(I'm lazy to upload so many photo.XD)

Monday, May 16, 2011

happy day~~

Wee..guess what today I rcv my 1st birthday present.HAHA!
Janelle send me a pair of socks from Korea,XD
We thought the socks was stolen or lost.
But I rcv it tis afternoon.
Dunno how to express my feeling with words.
What can I say other than I m so hepi!!
thx Janelle.^^

Other than this ,I rcv my exam result today,
mayb u dun think tis is smth would make u  hepi,
bt it makes me feel hepi.
dad dun giv much response for me,
he said my gpa very low.
nah,nvm.he cnt take away my hapiness!
hahahha,won't let any1 steal my hapiness today!seriously!!

I'm going to genting tmr.


Thursday, May 12, 2011

I'm invisible.

Have u ever feel invisible in ur life?
Is like u were bside ur fren or in a party,
bt no1 noticed ur presence.
I found a place make me invisible.
yea! there is a place.
is that gud or bad?
I'll take it as gud then.
Well, my result was out today or mayb yesterday.
Nah ,no 1 inform me or ever ask me how was my result.
yea~~ nobody cares.
Hm...they did asked each other.
NVM, I dun care! DO I ?
yea, I care but what can I say?
ppl dun care about u, what can u do?
hmm...jz think positively.
I'm invisible in front of u, u cant sense my presence.
nvm, I'll just stay invisible
be quiet, enjoy my life without any interrupt from u then.
HMM...since when I think so positively?

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Dream of BIG BANG ep2

Yea, I'm on BIG BANG fever recently.
I dream about them last night.
all the 5 members.
I bought 2 albums.
1 is TAE YANG solo album and the other 1 is BIG BANG .
So I got the chance to ask them sign for me on the album.
I ask Seung Ri to sign on the album 1st then Dae Sung, GD ,Tae yang
and lastly  TOP.
So the dream was great til tis moment.
So after metting with them.
I went home.
and all the signature was GONE.
Then only I realize that they sign on the plastic of the album.
not on the cover.
so the signature easier to erase/rub/dissapear.
all the signature are GONE~T.T
then I woke up.
what a 'perfect' dream.

Dream of BIG BANG ep1


Hehe,guess what I dream of BIG BANG TOP yesterday,XD
We met on a coffee shop, listening a song called CAFE.
yeah~Big bang song.
I try to communicate with him in eng bt he dun understand.
nvm...we just sit down and look at each other.
Then I get a chance to hug him.
feel sorry to my TAE YANG coz I hug another guy.
feel so gud after I woke up.
hope tat I could dream about TAE YANG the next day.
TAE YANG is my guy.
Bt dream of TOP was great also. XP

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

3rd,4th of may

3rd of May ,
I did nth except fetching both of my sis here and there.
Being a driver for the whole day
this is wat I rmb.
I'm nt complaining.
I'm hepi too, I have the chance to help my mom
to do some hse work.
So that she can relax abit.XD
The end for 3rd of may.

So here comes to 4th of may,
Went for movie in the afternoon with peck yee.
hehe, we both so ngam wear the same color cloth.
Watched the roommate,its kinda nice.
The journey was kinda rush,dun get the chance to walk in slow motion.
our movie til 5.35.
I have to fetch my sis from scholl at 6.30
mana tahu I'm jam in KU for almost 45mins.
At last, asked my dad to fetched my sis.
Luckily din get scold.
The movie quite nice, u shud watched it.
Here is the trailer. ^^


2nd of may.
Morning-read story book
afternoon-stil playing game
night-stil playing game
But I do rmb smth happen tat night.
yeah!We went for a family dinner again.T.T
family dinner.
What I hate the most is they use their spoon to pick up/take/took
their food.
There was a spoon on the plate,why dun u jz use tat spoon ?
It turns out I only eat rice.
There was a plate of abalone in front of me.
Bt I dun eat it,coz it was disgusting!
haiz...why can't we have family dinner on MC.D ? or we have buffet.
that wil be great!!
MC.D i'm lovin' it.

1st of may labour day

yea,1st of may is labour day.
Its sunday.
My grandmom knw I came back from kampar.
So she cook asam laksa.
haha!!My ah ma asam laksa is the best
So touched that she cook asam laksa for me.
Time past so fast, I dun even knw what I had did.
1st of may jz ended up like tat.
did nth useful. XD
bt I'm hepi.

29th and 30th.

Its been almost a week my holiday had started.
It started from last Friday.
My ktm delay for 1 hour and 20mins, it make me reach home at 11.45,almost 12am midnight~~
I'm suppose to be here at 10.30 if the ktm din delay.
Friday jz end up like tat,morning-study
Woke up early in the morning jz wanted to have breakfast with my dad.
It's been awhile that I din hav breakfast with him.
Pity him have to take his breakfast alone.XD
Force myself to wake up althought I'm TIRED.
My dad said/sms me smth very touched,so this make me wan to
accompany him for breakfast.
I told him I had tried my best in my exam, and I dunno whether I wil pass or not.
Then he replied, nvm, as long as u had tried ur best,that's enuf.
^^ touched touched.
I saved the msg as memo.^^

In the noon, I hand out with my beloved frens.
We went to neway !!
reli hav a lot of fun with them.
Every1 had chg in physically and mentally.
michelle bcum girl girl ad.
pkm bcum more mature
shireen bcum more gentle and cute.
shook ling bcum more talkative.
she talk quite alot that day, most of the time in the past she only ask question.
tat day she answered question.XD
and angel, jz met her for 30mins.
Hm.....same same.....

Went for a family dinner at night,dun eat much. dinner.....u knw?
jz like tat,nth to comment.
the old 1 talk and eat.
me (the young 1)
eat and look them talk,
jz like tat.

The end~~