Thursday, May 12, 2011

I'm invisible.

Have u ever feel invisible in ur life?
Is like u were bside ur fren or in a party,
bt no1 noticed ur presence.
I found a place make me invisible.
yea! there is a place.
is that gud or bad?
I'll take it as gud then.
Well, my result was out today or mayb yesterday.
Nah ,no 1 inform me or ever ask me how was my result.
yea~~ nobody cares.
Hm...they did asked each other.
NVM, I dun care! DO I ?
yea, I care but what can I say?
ppl dun care about u, what can u do?
hmm...jz think positively.
I'm invisible in front of u, u cant sense my presence.
nvm, I'll just stay invisible
be quiet, enjoy my life without any interrupt from u then.
HMM...since when I think so positively?

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