Saturday, May 7, 2011

Dream of BIG BANG ep2

Yea, I'm on BIG BANG fever recently.
I dream about them last night.
all the 5 members.
I bought 2 albums.
1 is TAE YANG solo album and the other 1 is BIG BANG .
So I got the chance to ask them sign for me on the album.
I ask Seung Ri to sign on the album 1st then Dae Sung, GD ,Tae yang
and lastly  TOP.
So the dream was great til tis moment.
So after metting with them.
I went home.
and all the signature was GONE.
Then only I realize that they sign on the plastic of the album.
not on the cover.
so the signature easier to erase/rub/dissapear.
all the signature are GONE~T.T
then I woke up.
what a 'perfect' dream.

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