Monday, May 16, 2011

happy day~~

Wee..guess what today I rcv my 1st birthday present.HAHA!
Janelle send me a pair of socks from Korea,XD
We thought the socks was stolen or lost.
But I rcv it tis afternoon.
Dunno how to express my feeling with words.
What can I say other than I m so hepi!!
thx Janelle.^^

Other than this ,I rcv my exam result today,
mayb u dun think tis is smth would make u  hepi,
bt it makes me feel hepi.
dad dun giv much response for me,
he said my gpa very low.
nah,nvm.he cnt take away my hapiness!
hahahha,won't let any1 steal my hapiness today!seriously!!

I'm going to genting tmr.


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