Wednesday, May 4, 2011

29th and 30th.

Its been almost a week my holiday had started.
It started from last Friday.
My ktm delay for 1 hour and 20mins, it make me reach home at 11.45,almost 12am midnight~~
I'm suppose to be here at 10.30 if the ktm din delay.
Friday jz end up like tat,morning-study
Woke up early in the morning jz wanted to have breakfast with my dad.
It's been awhile that I din hav breakfast with him.
Pity him have to take his breakfast alone.XD
Force myself to wake up althought I'm TIRED.
My dad said/sms me smth very touched,so this make me wan to
accompany him for breakfast.
I told him I had tried my best in my exam, and I dunno whether I wil pass or not.
Then he replied, nvm, as long as u had tried ur best,that's enuf.
^^ touched touched.
I saved the msg as memo.^^

In the noon, I hand out with my beloved frens.
We went to neway !!
reli hav a lot of fun with them.
Every1 had chg in physically and mentally.
michelle bcum girl girl ad.
pkm bcum more mature
shireen bcum more gentle and cute.
shook ling bcum more talkative.
she talk quite alot that day, most of the time in the past she only ask question.
tat day she answered question.XD
and angel, jz met her for 30mins.
Hm.....same same.....

Went for a family dinner at night,dun eat much. dinner.....u knw?
jz like tat,nth to comment.
the old 1 talk and eat.
me (the young 1)
eat and look them talk,
jz like tat.

The end~~

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