Thursday, May 19, 2011

14th may

Mom and dad went to Genting early in the morning.
So I'm going to babysit my 2 naughty sister again!
Today is a marathon for me cause my sis is having a tuition marathon.
her tuition schedule as shown below:
8-10 am: delta HQ
10-12am: school band.
1-5pm : delta botanic.
Me as a driver rushed here and there to fetch her.
Went kp to meet my frens.
Met huilian,sally,ss,xinyi,maevin.^^
We played bowling and went to setia alam pasar malam at night.
It was fun! argh! I can't tel u much, coz I 4gt the feeling ad.
Check out my facebook for more photo.haha!
I knw I'm lame, sorry if this border u.

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