Monday, June 28, 2010

The best day ever!!

Well, for ur info I'm studying in Utar,kampar in perak since last month.
I cycle to school everyday because its quite "near" from my hse to school.Its about 600 to 700 m.
The point for this post is one of the tyre of my bicycle puncture today.( I realize it after I cycled for 13m )Izzit very great?
Well, I do feel unlucky when I knew this happen. All I have to do is to call the bicycle shop's worker where I bought this bike to repair it. Erhem!! my phone dun have credit to call.(maybe u'll think tat I should borrow hp from the others to call, bt I just dun feel it is gud to do tat) So I just walked for the whole journey back to my hse.
I do enjoyed the journey . On the half way of my journey,a guy asked me to stop my bike n c whether how can he help to fix it. Hmm..... after realize tat he cnt help to fix it, he tried to called sum1 to help, bt I refused it. ^^. why? coz actually he is fetching a girl, I saw the girl's mood is getting bad~~~ WOW, dun wan kacau ppl pak toh la. After saying thank you to him ,he left and said sorry~~~ Kinda hepi I met sum1 so helpful and gentleman today~~heehee~~After walking for 10minutes, a fren of mine who name Mimi passed by me, and ask whether what happen to my bike,she decided to accompany me for the journey bt I refuse again. ( Really think that I had became independent , I can handle my own problem all by myself, I dun need ppl to accompany me) and again she left.
I felt lucky that the weather today is nt hot enuf for me to get sunstroke and it does nt rain while I'm walking in the half way.^^
After I getting back home, I asked my lovely+dearest pkm to send some money for me so that I can call sum1 to repair my bike, within 30minutes, I rcv the money. THX PKM. She is always there for me when I need help.
And within 10minutes, a guy come to fix my bike n it cost RM10.

The lesson I learn today is always kept your phone with some credit , so that u can call for help immediately.

Conclusion : I'm happy today although my bike's tyre puncture. Happy to knw that there's still some guy so helpful in this world to help a stranger. ^^