Friday, July 29, 2011


My lecture told us someone in our university had suicided.
He stab himself by a knife for several times in a hypermarket within the Summit USJ mall in Subang Jaya.
According to the news, he was depressed. That's why he ended his life. 
Here is the link:

I'm quite sad after I heard this news , and I hope those people who need help or depressed can seek for help.
I heard another news from my lecture, last week one of my university student suddenly shouted and beat someone in the class while lecturer is teaching. Probably that student also suffer from depression, faced a lot of stress.

And I know a friend, her cgpa for the 2 sem is 3.9+. She also overstressed herself, and one day while lecturer is teaching, she suddenly felt hard to breath and almost faint.
She left uni now and seek for help.
after she is cure, she will come back and continue her study.
I hope she will be fine and come back soon.

Depressed will lead to death. 
So seek for help .
If you don't know where can u get help
follow this link:
They offer hotline for u to call whenever you want to talk to someone. 

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

2ne1 Ugly

This song is so WAO~~
Wonderful+awesome+omazing.(haha, I create a new word)
love this song, fully express my feeling.

Saturday, July 23, 2011


If you're my friend , you will know that I don't usually tell you what's on my mind. 
It's hard for me to say something that would actually hurt someone. 
Ha! if you don't agree, you don't even know me. 
There's something more hurtful that I din't tell, if you think that the things I told you is hurtful enough.

So recently, I'm so curious about how many friends would stay 
if I stop keeping  my anger and dissatisfied . 
I'm going to do the experiment, hope that the result won't disappoint me. 
I'm injured for a long time, I can't continue to be like this anymore. 
Well, maybe throughout this experiment I could know myself better. 
because I don' t really actually know, what kind of person I am. 

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

2ne1 clap your hands

the process of 2ne1 learning to dance this song. 
hope you like it.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Behind the mask

Well, I know some friends in this sem. 
nth special because I had met the special one in my 1st sem. XD
but I met one girl which is quite friendly ( I thought)
she came to know me and introduce herself to me, ask me what subject I'm taking ,which class and exchanged number with me. 
so....after some days, 
I Found out the reasons why she was being so friendly around.
江江江江~~she asked  me to sign attendance for her.
that was the 1st time, my phone was switched off. 
so I din got the chance to read her msg,
THUS din sign for her. 
the number 2 always came after 1....
er...I think you know what I  meant...
she asked me to sign for her again ...
I said ok, then I ask for her full name. 
dunno why, her message was accidentally deleted.
and I asked for her full name when I got the name list. 
She din reply, so I din't sign for her again. LOL.
I met her in the next day, and apologized that I din't sign for her. 
she said it's ok, but I know that is nt true. 
because she din't talk to me anymore.
Let the word V represent her, because there is another story about her.
which I'm going to tell when I'm free.
take care everyone.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

the consequences

So after doing nth on the weekend, now it's about the time to accept the consequences..
I have to finish my report by today because the deadline is Tuesday.
(Due to I don't really have the time to finish it on Monday. )
and clean my room since I'm so lazy to clean it for the pass few days.
finish as much tutorials question as I can.
wear sport shoes to school started from tomorrow.T.T
cause my shoes is too smelly to wear.
I'm suppose to clean it on weekend, but I din't and thats why.
Everything you did have the consequences, think before you actually did it.
So I learn something now, I'm clear now after emo for 2 or 3 days.
started from Friday.
My weekend were ruined because of the staying awake until 5am.
I'm not going to do this on the coming Friday or sat or Sunday.
Haha, I know..the time for now is 3.3am but I'm still awake.
I'm trying to work on it, wake up early and sleep early.
Going to change my sleeping timetable.
I sleep for the whole day , I did nothing. (that's why I'm here )

I'm 19 now, I've grown up, I accept the consequences, I'm going to be an adult next year, not a teenager anymore.Learning not too complain and be independent for 2011. Complain sometimes might make you feel better but if you complain everyday, it'll  makes your life become meaningless(because you complain everything) then what's the bright sight of your life? forget about the bad things happen in your life and remember the good things,then you'll feel better. and another story, be independent, I believe most of the people thought that being independent means being alone. For example, I heard some of the people don't eat when there's no one there to accompany them to eat. That is so childish. I actually heard about this when I'm in a lift, 2 person's conversation. Which means there are people actually skip meal because of ....loneliness?
and sometimes I have my lunch alone in school, 1 of my friend(only 1, I'm glad only 1 of my friend have this immature thinking) she came and said, why eat alone? so pity, I rather don't eat if I have to eat alone. HA!
I said nothing, because 用沉默独孤他人的非议,在强者是一种风度,在弱者是聪明.I know you might think that there's no connection in between the examples I gave and independent, try to connect yourself la, since you read my blog for quite a long time already, I believe you will get it.

Make complain on every single thing doesn't change anything, living in a environment or situation that you dislike, there're 2+1 things you can do 1)leave 2) shut up and accept  3)change
I accept and face my failure, I'm proud of myself,
I faced it, not like the others, they just left.
I'm glad my dad asked me to stay here.
thx dad, I will try my best!
thx for everything dad.

Latly,I hope my postive thinking can last until end of this sem.XD
bless me.take care.


I'm suppose to finish all my homework on this weekend,
end's up I did nothing.
I'm suppose to blog about
something very meaningful.
But I din't.
sorry, sorry that I din't share anything nice in my blog.
I'm sorry,take care.