Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Behind the mask

Well, I know some friends in this sem. 
nth special because I had met the special one in my 1st sem. XD
but I met one girl which is quite friendly ( I thought)
she came to know me and introduce herself to me, ask me what subject I'm taking ,which class and exchanged number with me. 
so....after some days, 
I Found out the reasons why she was being so friendly around.
江江江江~~she asked  me to sign attendance for her.
that was the 1st time, my phone was switched off. 
so I din got the chance to read her msg,
THUS din sign for her. 
the number 2 always came after 1....
er...I think you know what I  meant...
she asked me to sign for her again ...
I said ok, then I ask for her full name. 
dunno why, her message was accidentally deleted.
and I asked for her full name when I got the name list. 
She din reply, so I din't sign for her again. LOL.
I met her in the next day, and apologized that I din't sign for her. 
she said it's ok, but I know that is nt true. 
because she din't talk to me anymore.
Let the word V represent her, because there is another story about her.
which I'm going to tell when I'm free.
take care everyone.

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