Monday, July 30, 2012

Hot guy or smart guy?

I've been busy for doing my assignment for the pass few days, stick with my computer for more than 16 hours a day, My hand is so pain ,cause my mouse is too small, it's hard for me to hold it for such a long time.
Well, realize that you should open your mouth and ask for help, and maintain a good relationship with the others. Wear a mask, and seek for help from those ppl that you dislike, so that you can get your assignment done. THIS IS LIFE. Today 12am is the assignment deadline, I uploaded my assignment on 12.06am .XD . so fun!! After 12am, I have to rush for doing another assignment which have to pass up in today afternoon, can you imagine how tired I am? I have another super hard practical test on wednesday.
The assignment that I passed up on 12 am has some error, been asking for several people for help, but they can't give me the perfect answer, just now I saw 4.0 on9(4.0 ,this is how we call him,his cgpa is always 3.9++ to 4.0). I send him some of my code, and he give me some suggestion,problem solved within 5 mins. Argh!!! I want to marry him!! Sorry Tae yang T.T. But I will still go for your concert, but my heart is with another guy . XP.

Monday, July 16, 2012


昨天一直在想如果data struc 考试和assignment 可以廷迟一个星期就好,我一定会考好来的,今天真的出announcement delay le!!!!!!我一定会珍惜这难得的机会考好来的!感谢上天:-)

Thursday, July 12, 2012



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Monday, July 2, 2012

Stay or leave??

I feel like leaving here stay with my ex roommate.

friend or enemy?

We are like friends, we are like enemy.
We eat like we are friends and we fight silently. 
yea, maybe I shouldn't ask for more, 
I shouldn't have so many expectation from you guys,
what I thought friends for is so much different after I came here. 
No one will help you, if you don't ask for it.
Sometimes ,they'll just ignore you, pretend that they din't notice you're dying in the dark corner.
I'm afraid to seek for help again. 
to be continue........