Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Guess what?! Guess what?!

It was a fine and lovely morning until...........

Yes, only my sister would press the door bell a lot of times. When I open the door, all I could see was a girl crying as if its end of the world. After a few minutes, I finally understand what the hell she was mumbling about. The nerd of the family was talking about her PMR results. Apparently she scored straight A's and those were tears of joy. Shocking. is it not?

Believe it or not, she did not have any sleep last night since all she could thought about was her results. I'm AMAZED.

Now I'm wondering how the adults might react when they start to compare their kid's results with my sister's...... Hmmm... I must be there to watch this "drama" :)

-posted with the help of WhiteCrow.

Sunday, November 29, 2009


I'm sick again.
Dun really have voice to talk.
Dun cal me .....

Friday, November 27, 2009

27th of november

woke up 8.30 in the morning,
eat, talked with my dad,
watch new moon in 11a.m
the movie end at 1.00
go for window shopping.
reach house at 2.30
til now
argh!! haven study for physic yet,
I had wasted my time for 2 days and a half.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

why ?

Dunno why, kinda jealous with my 2 little sis.
They dun have to do anything, bt they get rewards.
dad n mom wil sayang them. Especially my mom, sis borrow money from her.
And she said dun hav to pay back la.
no matter how back yym is,my mom wil stil sayang her,
4giv her.
But for me, I have to pay back every single cents.
I try so hard to make my parents proud about me.
I knw i'm nt clever enuf .
So i help mom to do housework.
I wash dishes,sweep the floor ,mop the floor and..........etc..
I do what they ask me to do .
I study!
one day.
Conversation between mom n yyy:
mom: aiya, feel so regret din let lind learn to drive
yyy: yala! last time u said scare wil influence her study. but it dun make any different, she dun get gud result also.
mom: yalo,hahaha.
yyy: dun say ad, later lind angry.
mom: she won't.
I also tot tat I wont be angry, bt I DID.
why I hav to do housework, bt sis dun hav to do?
why should I do wat parents ask me to do, bt sis dun hav to?
mom n dad always say tat I'm eldest sis, I have to be teladan.
bt did they follow wat I did? did they do housework?
they dun anything!

when u compare urself with the others, u'll LOST.

Friday, October 16, 2009


Yesterday went back home at 2.30
slept at 5.00
worry about my spm...
haiz...cnt stop thinking about it

Saturday, September 19, 2009


Yesterday I went to my grandma house with my mom.After listen them gossip about sumbody,I went to a room for sleep. I used to be scare of that room because when I was young, we( me and cousin) said that room got ghost. But since I'm so tired, I went in.
Listen to hitz fm with my earphone.Things gone well in the 1st 20 minutes.
After that I heard sum1 shouting....i dun wan to boder it.....scare after a while,nth happen. I faster went out from that room, then I realize that my mom is the one who shouted just now.....
A samseng wanna spray my mom's car bcoz he want money, siao !
he said he want RM 500000. Hm....I think tat guy is really crazy, he bring along a 1m palang dou . Then he asked my mom to go out and talk to him. WTF ! we said we are going to call the police if he stil dun wanna live. Finally he left.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Check your answer

If you want to check your add math and math answer or do some practice , u may go to this website :

For math, the selangor marking scheme haven come out yet.
you may check your add math answer 1st, it wil be update soon.
hope this may help you!

inside also got the add math question for ppd klang, if ur skul wil be having exam using ppd question, tis may help u.

so sad after i checked my answer ~_~

Saturday, August 29, 2009

rush day

today woke up 6.15am.
wow, feel so good cause yesterday slept at 8+
faster take bath and eat.
7o'clock reached ktm.
my fren also ngam ngam reach there
The seminar start at 8.30
we took about 50 minutes to reach the KL central. is the 1st time I use ktm card in ktm,
saw my fren insert her ticket , I also want to insert. stupid.
we reached the hotel in about 8.25
the seminar started just in time.
2 person sitted in a table, I can't sleep(sit) with my fren cause no place for us to sit together.
A couple sitted in front of me .
I dunno why this 2 person came here.
They hold hand, hug and KISS in the class
erm....the seminar end at 1.45.
we faster hurry to go back because I have tuition in 3.15
reached klang at 3.25, asked a taxi man drive me to delta.
He dunno where is delta, WTH
I said near centrpoint, he said wat?
saw another taxi came, he asked that taxi to go away.
WTF! faster go and took that taxi to tuition.
the fee is RM7
deng! dun reali hav any other choice because I'm late.
during tuition feel so hungry.
at 6.30 finished tution then back home.
faster eat and bath.
went out again. It is almost 9 o'clock when I reached home.
my BRO called me, talked about her holiday and ...........( I cant say who is tat, she dun allow me to say the name)
thats it, and now I'm eating supper.
what a nice day, so rush!
I think I'm going to sleep after this...
tmr hav to go for seminar again.


5.30 came back from tuition.
dad told me the seminar guy called him,
my dad gave him my name.
never thought that my dad wil let me go to this seminar,
because the seminar is in KL.
dad gave me rm200 . So happy,haha.
rm60 for the seminar, he also gave me touch n go card.
After I ate my dinner, i went to sleep ad.
3o hours awake already.
went sleep at 8.30
nex time must try to stay awake for 48 hours.

this is wat I call as holiday


woke up at 10.30 then eat breakfast,after that sleep again.
wow,so siok. sleep until 2.30
went to fishy house.haha.
so happy to c her. Then we talked, gossip.
Saw the photo of the ex bk/kh girl ad.
the girl who took her own "nice" body photo.
OMG! so damn ugly.
went back at 7.
Then 7.15 reach home, eat, watch tv.
Until 9, play chess with sis.
10 o'clock online , watch video.
during midnight chat v shu ee.
about 4.30.She asked me go out eat MCD. siok. . never go out in midnight before.
1st time, I sneak out at midnight.
6.30 came back .Luckily my dad was taking bath.
haha...faster go in my room changed cloth and pretend to sleep.
After my dad go out only came out from my room.
my fren said wil come at 7, but I waited 1 hour only she came.
She watched movie until 2 then we go tuition.
wow.. 24 hours dun sleep....
what a great holiday!

Monday, August 17, 2009

cnt sleep

the time for now is 3.30a.m
I still haven sleep yet.
actually I had slept just now
around 10 p.m
bt I woke up at 1
slept for 3 hours bt I'm so energetic.
haiz....what can I do now?

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Lost my key again

Just a short post
I lost my key again, that's it.
what key?
key for my study engine to start.
I found my key to study 1 month ago I think.
I don't really remember.
I lost it again!!
the trial is coming, can sum1 plz help me to find the key to start my engine or just buy me a key.
OMG!! I'm gonna to die.

And want to tell you smth tat nt related to my key....which is.....
I always forgot wat I said or wat I did.
So plz dun get angry because of I forgot smth.
You can try to remind me actually.
I dun rmb doesn't mean I dun care.
plz dun misunderstand.


My mind keep on changing , this few days still thinking wanna join the aerobik or not.
Actually I had decided wanna join but since last Thursday I knew that we have to jump.(OMG, I hate to jump) as you knew the 2 "little" things in front of me is kinda ....erm....big , I think.So I feel like dun wanna join .
Haiz...and FINALLY I had decided to join it.
Feel so sorry to teacher coz I din go for the practise for the pass 2 days.
I think I missed a lot of steps already. But nvm coz I wil go for practise tmr.
( by skipping my chemistry tuition class) wow T.T
Tmr enter new chapter and teacher wil teach us the calculation.
Hope teacher will repeat it in the next lesson.
Long time din skip my tuition already, and this time will be the last time,I am SURE.
(the other reason is I dun want to break sum1 promise again)

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Dun feel like want to sleep

Suddenly dun feel like wanna sleep, so I decide not to sleep for 36 hours.Hmm...nvr try this b4, hope I wont get mad.
just a short post....

Saturday, July 11, 2009

magic box

hm....where to get tat magic box

Dissociative identity disorder

Dissociative identity disorder (DID) is a psychiatric diagnosis that describes a condition in which a single person displays multiple distinct identities or personalities (known as alter egos or alters), each with its own pattern of perceiving and interacting with the environment. The diagnosis requires that at least two personalities routinely take control of the individual's behavior with an associated memory loss that goes beyond normal forgetfulness; in addition, symptoms cannot be due to drug use or medical condition.

Signs and symptoms
Individuals diagnosed with DID demonstrate a variety of symptoms with wide fluctuations across time; functioning can vary from severe impairment in daily functioning to normal or high abilities. Symptoms can include:
multiple mannerisms, attitudes and beliefs that are not similar to each other
headaches and other body pains
distortion or loss of subjective time
flashbacks of abuse/trauma
unexplainable phobias
sudden anger without a justified cause
lack of intimacy and personal connections
frequent panic/anxiety attacks
auditory hallucinations of the personalities inside their mind
Patients may experience an extremely broad array of other symptoms that resemble epilepsy, schizophrenia, anxiety disorders, mood disorders, post traumatic stress disorder, personality disorders, and eating disorders.

well, the reason I post this is beacause.... ( I'm nt gonna tell)
and just want to tell you about I'll get angry , mad or etc..... more easily than the past.
So plz dun try to tease me.
I dun wan somebody to get hurt.


Today mr.lau gave us a seminar in class, he asked us to wrote how many A's we wanna get in SPM.
Besides that he also asked us to write about our ambition,dream house,dream car and how much salary we wan in the future.( he even asked us try to imagine about the future)
Except how many A's I wanna score in SPM, the others I leave it blank.
Why it is blank?
I was wondering.
In the past 2 years, I knw wat I want in the future, I've dream.I knw wat I want to be.
But I'm LOST now.why?
A question without an answer........

Thursday, June 11, 2009

just ignore

The time for now is 2.50 a.m, I stil cnt sleep in the middle of the night. C cnt reali made me sleep anymore, I'm numb with it. I had a dream last night, a dream about I was dead...well, this is not the 1st time I have a dream like this. Start searching wats the meaning of it, the result is.............. said.......sumthing is going to end...its over.....well....sumthing reali end up tonight,its true!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

a cake?

Today I rcv this "cake " from pkm. She said this is a cake, and she asked me to eat immediatly . I reali tot tat tis is a real cake, it reali smell like a cake. Finally, guess wat I did??
haha...dun wanna tell u ......WELL....thx pkm....xixi....

Sunday, May 24, 2009


2 days ago,sumbody asked me sumthing...
she said this is a very personal quaestion...
(oh........ how personal is it?)
Z: hey, wan to ask u some question, a very personal question, canna?
me: er...ok....(thinking wat she wanna ask? izit I m in love v sumone??)
Z:why u always go to toilet during exam ar?wat u do in toilet (wtf ! wat can I do in toilet??ML ?)
me: bcoz I m panic, I kip on wan to urinate and "pang sai" (yea..its true...I' m panic for tis midyear exam...almost everyday wan to vomit also)
Z: i saw u went out to toilet more than once during exam...saw u walk in n out..(I tot she meant last week ,coz last week I had a stomachache)
me: oh...coz last time I stamach pain mah....
Z: hmm... hwo about just now? u went out again...u panic?
me: yea..i go pang sai..
Z: oh...pang sai so fast 1 ar? ( er...wat she meant?? izit I doing others thing in toilet so tat I can come back so fast)
me: yea..coz just nw my fren also wanna go...n she let me go 1st..i dun wan her to wait so long
Z: oh ic...then nth ad la...

Erm....dont ask me who is tat person.....
the funny things is Z is nt the only person who ask those question..
kinda desperate I knew sumone like this.

Thursday, April 23, 2009


Everytime I faced problem,I kept it,not to let ppl know till....
One day, I cnt hold it anymore,I decided to tel you...
I told u every single problem I faced,(not every problem la actuali)
I felt really good since I found someone to talk with,
listen to me,
concern me,
care about me.
Since I've been feeling so unsafe for a long time,
I'm very glad I found u.
The feeling of loneliness had gone since that day.

Until one day, I decided to tel u the problem I facing,
me: hey, I've something to tel u, something tat cnt get out of my mind.
u: haiyer, why u have so many problems? wei shen me zi ji zhao ma fan?
me: nvm ( I left ) tears fall again

the hope had change to hopeless suddenly.
the tears never stop falling
until i sleep

I dun wan to be happy or else i'll be very sad in the nex minute.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

suppose to (应该) / want to(想要) / have to(必须)

I've been thinking this quite a long time.
Things I do everyday is what I suppose to do or
what I want to do?
FINALLY I found the answer.

I suppose to do my homework
actuali I dun even wan to touch it

I suppose to laugh when ppl tell a joke
actuali i dun even wan to smile

I suppose to eat
actuali i dun even wan to open my mouth

I suppose to wear cloth
actuali i dun even wan to wear (.......)

I suppose to bath
actuali i dun even wan to go in the bathroom

I suppose to give some reaction
although I dun even knw what you're talking

I dun even wan to talk with mf(the ppl i hate)
but i have to

I dun even wan to go to school
but i have to

I dun even wan to stay alive
but i have to

I want to kick your ass
but I'm not suppose to do it

Friday, April 10, 2009

Found this funny video, hope you all will enjoy it....haha

Friday, March 27, 2009

take care,BRO

I recieved your message just now (The 1st minute I stepped in my house)
hmm, actually what happen to you?
My phone is going out of credit, so i cant reply you.
And your msn is in the away mode.
I cant contact you anyway.
By the way, my dad reached home already.
I cant use my house phone to call.
We(me and pkm) found out you have some problems early in the morning,but we don't ask just because want you to tell us automatically.
Hey,BRO!!! WAKE UP. You have friends, me and pkm wil help you( or maybe not),we will listen to you,just shared you problem with us. ( or just share with me ,don't share with pkm)
SHE is just a passenger of you LIFE. Remember!! just PASSENGER.
plz make it clear......
Don't do stupid stuff......!!!