Tuesday, July 28, 2009


My mind keep on changing , this few days still thinking wanna join the aerobik or not.
Actually I had decided wanna join but since last Thursday I knew that we have to jump.(OMG, I hate to jump) as you knew the 2 "little" things in front of me is kinda ....erm....big , I think.So I feel like dun wanna join .
Haiz...and FINALLY I had decided to join it.
Feel so sorry to teacher coz I din go for the practise for the pass 2 days.
I think I missed a lot of steps already. But nvm coz I wil go for practise tmr.
( by skipping my chemistry tuition class) wow T.T
Tmr enter new chapter and teacher wil teach us the calculation.
Hope teacher will repeat it in the next lesson.
Long time din skip my tuition already, and this time will be the last time,I am SURE.
(the other reason is I dun want to break sum1 promise again)

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