Thursday, June 13, 2013

When I was your man (female version)

You should have bought me flowers, 
and held my hand,
should have gave me all your hours 
when you have the chance~~

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

we're getting closer n closer

The timing is not right , we're getting closer n closer day by day.
And this has frighten me as the number of people I care will be increase again.
well, according to my experience, as the number of ppl I care has increases,
the possibility that I would get hurt will increase too.
So, I'm feeling insecure now.
We're one step closer to become best friend,
 and you're one step left to enter my heart.
I've been hurt so many times,
and I'm nt sure I could do this again.
and so......
I'm sorry, I couldn't accept u.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013


I think something really happen when the examiner was marking my exam paper,
because I pass it all again. XD

So this week is the second week of my Y2S3 trimester, ngek ngek 
everything is fine
I'm gaining weight again
I din't learn my lesson and I continue to take 6 subjects in this trimester
Haha, hope miracle will happen again and of course I will try my best to all the subject
But erm..
I'm quite stress because the device that I need to use for my mini project cose RM1300.
 Student could use those devices for free in the lab but if someone accidentally spoil it, 
 he or she will have to pay for it.
 I'm so Stress~~~~~~~~~~
 Hope everything will be fine.