Friday, March 27, 2009

take care,BRO

I recieved your message just now (The 1st minute I stepped in my house)
hmm, actually what happen to you?
My phone is going out of credit, so i cant reply you.
And your msn is in the away mode.
I cant contact you anyway.
By the way, my dad reached home already.
I cant use my house phone to call.
We(me and pkm) found out you have some problems early in the morning,but we don't ask just because want you to tell us automatically.
Hey,BRO!!! WAKE UP. You have friends, me and pkm wil help you( or maybe not),we will listen to you,just shared you problem with us. ( or just share with me ,don't share with pkm)
SHE is just a passenger of you LIFE. Remember!! just PASSENGER.
plz make it clear......
Don't do stupid stuff......!!!

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