Sunday, May 24, 2009


2 days ago,sumbody asked me sumthing...
she said this is a very personal quaestion...
(oh........ how personal is it?)
Z: hey, wan to ask u some question, a very personal question, canna?
me: er...ok....(thinking wat she wanna ask? izit I m in love v sumone??)
Z:why u always go to toilet during exam ar?wat u do in toilet (wtf ! wat can I do in toilet??ML ?)
me: bcoz I m panic, I kip on wan to urinate and "pang sai" (yea..its true...I' m panic for tis midyear exam...almost everyday wan to vomit also)
Z: i saw u went out to toilet more than once during exam...saw u walk in n out..(I tot she meant last week ,coz last week I had a stomachache)
me: oh...coz last time I stamach pain mah....
Z: hmm... hwo about just now? u went out again...u panic?
me: yea..i go pang sai..
Z: oh...pang sai so fast 1 ar? ( er...wat she meant?? izit I doing others thing in toilet so tat I can come back so fast)
me: yea..coz just nw my fren also wanna go...n she let me go 1st..i dun wan her to wait so long
Z: oh ic...then nth ad la...

Erm....dont ask me who is tat person.....
the funny things is Z is nt the only person who ask those question..
kinda desperate I knew sumone like this.

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