Saturday, August 29, 2009

this is wat I call as holiday


woke up at 10.30 then eat breakfast,after that sleep again.
wow,so siok. sleep until 2.30
went to fishy house.haha.
so happy to c her. Then we talked, gossip.
Saw the photo of the ex bk/kh girl ad.
the girl who took her own "nice" body photo.
OMG! so damn ugly.
went back at 7.
Then 7.15 reach home, eat, watch tv.
Until 9, play chess with sis.
10 o'clock online , watch video.
during midnight chat v shu ee.
about 4.30.She asked me go out eat MCD. siok. . never go out in midnight before.
1st time, I sneak out at midnight.
6.30 came back .Luckily my dad was taking bath.
haha...faster go in my room changed cloth and pretend to sleep.
After my dad go out only came out from my room.
my fren said wil come at 7, but I waited 1 hour only she came.
She watched movie until 2 then we go tuition.
wow.. 24 hours dun sleep....
what a great holiday!

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