Sunday, November 1, 2009

why ?

Dunno why, kinda jealous with my 2 little sis.
They dun have to do anything, bt they get rewards.
dad n mom wil sayang them. Especially my mom, sis borrow money from her.
And she said dun hav to pay back la.
no matter how back yym is,my mom wil stil sayang her,
4giv her.
But for me, I have to pay back every single cents.
I try so hard to make my parents proud about me.
I knw i'm nt clever enuf .
So i help mom to do housework.
I wash dishes,sweep the floor ,mop the floor and..........etc..
I do what they ask me to do .
I study!
one day.
Conversation between mom n yyy:
mom: aiya, feel so regret din let lind learn to drive
yyy: yala! last time u said scare wil influence her study. but it dun make any different, she dun get gud result also.
mom: yalo,hahaha.
yyy: dun say ad, later lind angry.
mom: she won't.
I also tot tat I wont be angry, bt I DID.
why I hav to do housework, bt sis dun hav to do?
why should I do wat parents ask me to do, bt sis dun hav to?
mom n dad always say tat I'm eldest sis, I have to be teladan.
bt did they follow wat I did? did they do housework?
they dun anything!

when u compare urself with the others, u'll LOST.

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