Monday, July 30, 2012

Hot guy or smart guy?

I've been busy for doing my assignment for the pass few days, stick with my computer for more than 16 hours a day, My hand is so pain ,cause my mouse is too small, it's hard for me to hold it for such a long time.
Well, realize that you should open your mouth and ask for help, and maintain a good relationship with the others. Wear a mask, and seek for help from those ppl that you dislike, so that you can get your assignment done. THIS IS LIFE. Today 12am is the assignment deadline, I uploaded my assignment on 12.06am .XD . so fun!! After 12am, I have to rush for doing another assignment which have to pass up in today afternoon, can you imagine how tired I am? I have another super hard practical test on wednesday.
The assignment that I passed up on 12 am has some error, been asking for several people for help, but they can't give me the perfect answer, just now I saw 4.0 on9(4.0 ,this is how we call him,his cgpa is always 3.9++ to 4.0). I send him some of my code, and he give me some suggestion,problem solved within 5 mins. Argh!!! I want to marry him!! Sorry Tae yang T.T. But I will still go for your concert, but my heart is with another guy . XP.

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