Friday, July 29, 2011


My lecture told us someone in our university had suicided.
He stab himself by a knife for several times in a hypermarket within the Summit USJ mall in Subang Jaya.
According to the news, he was depressed. That's why he ended his life. 
Here is the link:

I'm quite sad after I heard this news , and I hope those people who need help or depressed can seek for help.
I heard another news from my lecture, last week one of my university student suddenly shouted and beat someone in the class while lecturer is teaching. Probably that student also suffer from depression, faced a lot of stress.

And I know a friend, her cgpa for the 2 sem is 3.9+. She also overstressed herself, and one day while lecturer is teaching, she suddenly felt hard to breath and almost faint.
She left uni now and seek for help.
after she is cure, she will come back and continue her study.
I hope she will be fine and come back soon.

Depressed will lead to death. 
So seek for help .
If you don't know where can u get help
follow this link:
They offer hotline for u to call whenever you want to talk to someone. 

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