Friday, August 5, 2011

Father's daughter

Someone frighten me so I can't sleep last night.
So I decided to call my family to talk.
Its 12am +
The 1st one I called is YYY.
she switched off her phone already.
Then I decided to call my house number.
nobody picked up.
Lastly I called YYM's phone.
Finally someone pick up the phone.
I was surprised because the one who picked up the phone is not my sister,
my dad is the one who pick up.
DAD: helllllllo?(sounds like woke up from dream)
Me: pa?
DAD: yes, why u're still awake? miss your boyfren(lol,still can jk while he is sleepy)
Me: pa, I tell you har, I did..........(then I explain why I cant sleep)
DAD: Ic, so you shud accept the consequences coz you've grown up already.
Me: O....
DAD: don't repeat what you've done wrong,think b4 you action.
Me: O.
DAD:k, its late already, go to sleep ,don't think too much.
Me: O,ok,bye bye.

I'm surprised my dad would actually talk to me and asked me what happen after he'v been woken up by me.
my tears dropped while I'm talking to him, it's been so long that I din't tell him what's happening around me.
knowing my father spending her dreaming time for me, this this......
I don't knw how to describe the feeling.
I'm just happy.
ha! I'm still my father's daughter, no matter how old I am and where I am.

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