Wednesday, August 10, 2011

somebody to love

I try to find a lover around me.
Try to find ppl to concern about me.
yea, ppl surrounding concern about me.
But I don't know why I still don't feel enough.
I want more, more love.
I even chat with people in fb.
erm, nt stranger.
They are ppl I know in my uni.
I meant those guy are studying in the same school with me.
yea, of course, I din't get much attention/response from them.
the reason is I'm nt an attractive girl.
argh! I don't know when I can stop this s2p thing.
feel so embarrassed and cheap. Yuck!
What I can say is
I'm in the mood of I need somebody to love.
feel like singing, I need somebody to love, do u hear me?
I need somebody to love,somebody to love.....

somebody please rescue me. 

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