Monday, September 26, 2011

Happy holiday!

First of all, I'm still alive.Thanks for worrying.haha.
I din't update my blog ,it doesn't mean I'm dead.
so I'm kinda "enjoying" my sem break holiday. 
Today I counted how many days of holiday I have, >>36 days. 
which means 5 weeks + 1 day.
wow!But 16 had passed, still left 20 days.
Luckily , I found a job. 
I'm going to work as a promoter for 14 days starting from tmr.
hah! which means after I finished my worked, I still left 6 days.
Wee....Can't wait for it.. 
nah, I don't mean that I can't wait for the holiday to end. 
What I  meant was can't wait to spend the money I earn .ngek ngek. 
I want to buy myself many a give as reward for finishing my foundation studies. 
You should do that for yourself too.
Buy yourself a give after you achieve a target. 
yea, I know. You think this is what people do when they have no friends to buy them a give right?
nah! Whatever, I'm Happy. 

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