Sunday, October 23, 2011

Back to school

So I went back to study last week.
Yeah, last week.
exactly 1 week.
Everything goes FINE.
I've been busy on the changing course stuff.
There're so many procedures to follow.
Luckily, I had settled all of it last friday.
Wee...I'm on the way to be a hacker!!
I'm learning computer security ,pengajian malaysia and German language this sem.
Computer security is much more hard to understand compared to the other 2 subjects.
but nvm, I'll take it as a challenge.
So how I spent my weekend? housemates and I decided to go pasar pagi early in the morning to grab some breakfast.
yea, so around 8.30 we started our journey to pasar. XD
of course by taxi...the uncle intro alot of food around there while he is driving.
he din join us. too bad~~
after that we went back home. and ......SLEEP.
we played monopoly until 3am the day before.
so all of us is quite tired.
woke up at 2pm.
then we played game together. (DDTANK)
at night ,after dinner we played boardgame and DDTANK again.
How about sunday?
I'm sick.
Just study and rest.

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  1. welcome to the cyber world..teach me to hack ppl ok lol!