Saturday, December 1, 2012

Goodbye Y2S1

Ikan (left), me (right)

Finally,no more classes for Y2S1 .This sem was great, I've a join a new gang of friends.Thanks to them, this sem was fun ! I still have 2 more weeks to study for my final exam, so I still live like "mati ikan" . Went out with my ikan yesterday, I thought she is still emo, thanks god she is not .(she is so happy that her tyre "lao feng" =.=''') . Had a nice time with her, met some old friends too. My diet plan failed ! gain 2kg some more, but I wont give up! and Lastly Happy belated birthday to my SEXY LADY,(PKM) sorry for the late wishes .


  1. now i saw is ok der
    u als busy so it fine dun think tis is guilty. muacks.

  2. wth~~~ weird when im being called "ikan"... please call me "yuyu", "yu~" "fish" "biyu" or even peggy~~~ not "ikan"... i don lik it~~~