Tuesday, April 9, 2013

if u want to cheat,don't get caught!

I just couldn't understand why people like to cheat in their exam.
 I mean cheating in every exam, every single test.
But then I found the reason in this semester.
I mean ,I think it's ok to cheat for 1 or twice but not in every single exam
and ~~
in my opinion, if everyone is cheating but you're not,then don't blame the others for getting high marks , because you're given a chance to cheat,but you've chosen not to!!if you don't have the guts to report,then just shut up!

well,in the opposite way, if you're the only one who cheat in the exam, please make sure that you don't get caught~
maybe you'll feel curious, why ? why am I suggesting people to cheat~
why I change my mind??
because sometimes the assignment due date and test is conducted in the same week~
well,except you're pro and willing to give up you're sleeping time or else you won't be able to settle everything.
I mean, for me, I can't
and just a small reminder!
- study first before you cheat, or else how would you know which answer to copy
-make sure you will catch up everything after you finish your assignments,or else I don't think you can pass your final exam by just getting high marks in your midterm test.
-don't always think of cheating in every exam! your friends will hate you! and you learn nothing!

cheating 1 or twice is not a big deal! (if you din't get caught)
I mean after you've graduated, who cares whether you cheated in the exam or not?
the company will just look on your cgpa and your skill to decides whether they want to hire your or not....
who will rmb that you cheat on this and that midterm test??
who cares?