Thursday, April 7, 2011


I feel insecure here, everything is like a dream.Things could chg upside down suddenly.
Hearing my fren talked about the others matter(negative), reli making me worried.
We were like close fren yesterday.......
Mayb one day u wil treat me like the way u treat the others, I have trauma on tat.
This reli pissing me off.
YOU look at me with the doubts in ur eyes reli making me freak out.
Making me felt tat I'm a LIER to u .
I felt insecure even though u're jz by my side talking about the other's matter.
I felt insecure after we end the conversation.( mayb I said smth wrong)
I felt insecure and lonely inside. . .( I'm nt being myself/scare to be myself)
Can someone save me here?
I'm scare to abandon by the others. . .
Although this is nt the 1st time....
I dun wan to abandon by the others again,
I'm scare.

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