Thursday, April 7, 2011

Short term memory loss

I realize that my memories had become poorer, and sometimes I can't recall back smth clearly.
Mayb I faced short term memory loss, or maybe not. 
Memory loss is the inability to adequately store a particular memory. It is the failure to retain or recall the information.

Commonly also referred to as amnesia, memory loss can be described as a degree of forgetfulness or failure to recall past events which is above the normal level.

At times, memory loss is limited to an inability to recall events that are recent, but sometimes it could also be for events from the past or both.

And the reaason I faced this might be depression. 
Severe psychological stress can push a person beyond his/her coping abilities can cause memory loss among other mental disturbances. Research reveals that stress hormones kill or inhibit the growth of brain cells adversely affecting memory. The more prolonged the depression, the more extensive the damage.

I 4gt what I said to my fren yesterday and I can't recall back. 
I 4gt I'm a state representative or town representative of some sport.
I 4gt every lie I told. 
I 4gt every promises I made. 
I 4gt the reason why I want to stay alive.

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