Wednesday, October 17, 2012

High High,I'm so High !!

Starting from the 1st day of this semester, I feel very high.
And it actually makes me realize that I do have alot of friends,
 but I rejected to join them bcoz of some stupid reasons for the pass semester .
Well, I do enjoy these 2 days.
I'm not forever alone anymore.
Today is HUAWEI DAY, Huawei company had sent some representative to talk about their company's background and some of the job's scope that's related to my course.
I've learned a lot of stuff today, what makes me feel the best is.....
I saw a lot of handsome man today. XD
Took some photo with my senior.
The most left one is cedric . He is so tall.......
next to me is Eric . He likes cosplay alot.
The most right is Guo Han. A very nice guy.
Perhaps you guys can add them.
Guo Han->

 They accompanied me for the whole day so that I won't feel bored. Thanks ya.
Left is Eric->
Right is Michael->
so sorry , this photo doesn't look good because we were tired.

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  1. u r a crazy one indeed..stay wit tis attitude u r nt forever alone.