Monday, October 29, 2012

BigBang Alive Concert 2012

although I couldn't see them clearly, but at least I can hear their voice in LIVE.
Luckily,I manage to stand in the 1st row in the RM188 category and this is the view from where I stand.Nice right? I was so happy to grab such a nice place....but then it became like this>>
Imagine what happen after BIGBANG came out from the stage.....everybody put their hands up, and I cant see a thing.T.T pity me. why am I so short??
So I move to a place that I can manage to see them clearly, which is in front of the LCD. haha. Steal someone raincoat and sit on it like a BOSS.Ask those people who block my view to leave like a BOSS.

This is what happen after the concert end. Raincoat all over the stadium. OMG!!
Here are all the merchandise we bought and free gift. I bought White color T-shirt because Taeyang like white colour. That block T-shirt belongs to my friend. XD

Well, special thanks to Chu Hui (Left) who allow me to stay at her house for free~~ here is her facebook>> Add her, she is nice!!
Thanks to Jing Ying too who take care of me alot. Add her too!

 All the VIP!!!!!Glad to meet you all in BIGBANG CONCERT.Hope to see you guys all next time!!

And sorry Taeyang.
it's too hard to resist. XP
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  1. the coolest concert in my life!! bigbang daebak!! <3

    1. Agreed! Time to save money for the next concert. Next time must buy VIP.XD