Thursday, November 8, 2012

What a busy week

I have 2 midterm exam , 1 Muet exam and 1 presentation on this week. Well, 2 midterm had passed, I've tried my best. I'll accept whatever score I'll get. The presentation was .................My lecture said :" Well done!!!!" after my group finish our presentation, So, I'll take it as it was Great. Took some photos after the presentation. hehe.
It was nice to be in a group with them. ^^

Yesterday I slept at 7pm because the day before I slept for 3-4 hours only. Woke up at 4am this morning to study because I have exam today. I think I'm weird today, I'm not sure what is the reason behind ,maybe 
I'm just moody. -.- . I'm sorry if I offended you. 

I know in order to improve my english level, I have to read more. So , this is what I'm going to read. Smart?? nah, I know I'm not but at least I try . I'll have Muet exam in this coming Saturday, wish me luck!!Thanks ya!

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