Monday, March 7, 2011

dream last night

I had a terrible dream yesterday, I've been kidnap in my dream.
Sumbody kidnap me in the parking area, they gave me 1 hour to get RM500 for them then they wil let me go.
Rm500? I have it in my acc,bt they took my wallet, I cant get it from ATM machine.
I went to school, saw many stranger.
Then I saw ym, I told her my situation, I need money.
she gave me rm5. T.T.
Then I saw J, she said she is going to lagoon, no money to lend me.
why dun pkm exist in my dream? if she exist, the problem could be settle immediatly!
F*ck! Feel so hopeless there, then I saw may, I told her my situation since she is the last 1 I knw in my dream.
She told me she've been kidnap b4, she said she paid them rm500, and she survive.
glad to heard tat If I gave them rm500 then I could survive, bt I left 5 mins.
ouk ouk ouk ouk!!! my roommate alarm rang and woke me up.
That was a terrible dream, more than a ghost nightmare!
feel so HOPELESS there, jz like wat I feel everyday .
I search on web, I found this: To be kidnapped in a dream reflects feelings that someone in waking life is forcing you to do something against your will.Feeling forced to do something against your will
Feeling victimized.

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