Wednesday, March 9, 2011

surprised birthday party

Happy birthday to you!!! u knw who u're.^^
9th of March was my fren birthday, she said she wan to make it simple. So me and my fren hang out with her in pasar malam to buy some food for our dinner. After having dinner in her house, me and my fren rcv a msg : we are going to celebrate her birthday around at 9 or 10 pm. Which means we have to stay at her hse until 9 or 10 pm, so the earliest the we could leave is 11pm. 
Not to said tat I'm nt having fun there, bt I found it's pointless to celebrate her birthday secretly to giv her a 'BIG' surprised since she already knw we are going to celebrate her birthday.
Just so u knw, the secret/ surprised party is nt surprised anymore since she already knw it. 
Yea,my fren told her tat the other frens are planning a party for her.(she have to pretend tat she don't knw and 4 of us have to pretend that we dint tel her we are going to celebrate her birthday)=.="'
well, it is nt a formal party,it's more like an event .
the event only goes for 10mins. 
sing song 2mins,take photo 2mins, cut and eat cake 6mins. 
then sumbody left. . . well, I thought that we could have some conversation there coz it's been awhile that all of us (11ppl) din't hang out.nah~~~ it just end like tat,in the 5th minit, 3 person already left b4 they finish their cake,2 ppl left on the 10th minit.
Left 5 of us, yea we do have a very long conversation. I'm hepi with it. 

Hmm....we used to hang out for many hours ,we used to chat for many hours, we used to celebrate the other's fren birthday part and have a very long conversation.
BUT now, we're more like a stranger.
I'm glad that u all have the idea of giving her a surprised birthday party although it fail to be a surprise party but at least it was a birthday party. 
But u guys just left in the nex 5 or 10mins after she blew her candle. 
what does that mean? u guys attend just so tat u guys wont feel guilty(bcoz we had celebrated u guys birthday),so its necessary to celebrate back her birthday?? to pay back wat she gave?

No offense k. Just that I'm just wondering....are u guys reli wan to celebrate her birthday to make her happy or as a pay back so that u guys wont feel guilty?
and  I just found it's pointless to celebrate her birthday secretly , what I meant was just celebrate her birthday in the normal way la since she already knw. 

Hm....lastly no offense , just telling my point of view. 

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