Thursday, June 30, 2011

1st guitar lesson.

Wee. . . .
I get my guitar today.
blue color guitar.
haha. very handsome.
my teacher name Paul do some introduction to us about guitar.
on how to hold the guitar, girls got girls post and boys have their own post.
so the left hand finger shouldn't have long nail.
many of us cut our nail on the spot, and let Paul check.
lol....what a funny man.
After that we have some finger practice, the chromatic scale.
for 1 hour.T.T.
Found out my finger is so cacat, cannot listen to my order.
cant really point the correct string,
hmm....nvm,I wont give up!
Thats it for today.


  1. hehe,told u i wil learn guitar long time ago. cool bt hard, finger so pain.