Saturday, June 25, 2011


So today is the 1st weekend with myself.
decided to wake up early in the morning and go for jog. 
of course the plan is failed.haha!
woke up 12 in the afternoon. 
Today is special because the 1st thing I did wasn't switch on my computer. 
Yeah, hope I can manage not to count on my computer so often in my life. 
I want to have some changes.
I studied bio because the mid-term test is coming,
the date is confirmed which is next Wednesday. 
After that, I clean my bathroom. 
and turn on my computer on 3 or 4pm. 
Not that remember what time I actually turn it on. 
nvm, I din't turn it on to have fun. 
I print tutorial question.
and did some cleanup
After manage to finish my bio and math tutorial, 
then I started my journey to Tae Yang's life.
Started to stalk him from 6.15 til...
Still don't know til what time..
cause I'm still stalking him.
waiting his video to load, that's why I'm here.
Found a very sexy photo of 
sexy right? or spicy?

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