Friday, June 17, 2011

Am I acting weird?

Am I?
what can I tel?
I'm getting to know more about myself, the true me.
or maybe not the true me.
maybe I changed.
I'm cruel now.
I solve problem with violence.
nah! I won't hit you,
don't scare.
For your information, I hide my feelings very well.
I don't tell people much about how I feel.
I just hide it, hide it to myself.
when it's full, my tears will fall at night.
and I'll scream silently.
That's why I can't have a roommate, because I can't make a sound
when I'm mad.
I want to scream loudly!
For now, everything changed.
yea! change, the only thing remain is I'm still hiding my feelings.
I'll just hit something, throw things .
OR imagine that I'm hitting people.
I hope I could stop this imagination one day...
Before it truly happen to my real life.
Everything change.....
plz dun offend me.
I'm begging you for not getting yourself into trouble .
Or ending my life.


  1. u should tell ppl hw u feel to release ur anger..dont keep thing for yourself.