Sunday, June 12, 2011

The next Malaysian top superhero

Well, I had "a" weird dream last night.
My friend came my house to play ping pong with me.
And I tried to catch the ball, but I couldn't catch it.
I'm so pissed, that's embarrassed.
And it suddenly jump to another scene.
I'm with some1 in a hall,judging people.
Yea,judging people who want to be the next Malaysian top superhero.
I can't believe it, who comes out with this stupid idea?
and I'm the judge. Damn stupid.
after the audition.
jump scene again.
Many people is playing on the beach.
well, I said playing because.....
Actually everyone is waiting for the Tsunami.XD
and see who can survive.
Yeah!! What a dream ?!
Did I survive? yea! cause later I jump into another scene again.
There are some hot girls, and the ....
I'm so stupid ,I'm so stupid, I'm so stupid in love~~~~
My alarm rang! thats big bang (I'm so stupid ) ringtone.
The end.~~

PS: my dearly ym ,if you're reading this.plz cook porridge for me tmr.T.T
I don't have voice, sore throat jor.thx.