Sunday, June 12, 2011

sore throat

Sore throat again, I'm so painful.
this is the consequences after eating 1 full pack of french fries. 
yea,kongsi money with my sis and we brought a pack of french fries. 
I had abit of sore throat already, but I still eat it. 
and now....sore throat so badly!
I can't even talk. 
I'm not going to school today.
why? due to my sore throat?
yea, it is. 
And I'm having abit of flu,so it is better for me nt to
attend my class. 
Since I already ask my friend to sign for me . 
I'm am suffering!! argh!! can someone bring me to doctor now?
I don't want to cycle to the clinic, the weather is hot now!
I might faint when I'm almost reach the clinic. 
I know I shouldn't skip class, but
I have to make sure that I attend tmr class,since tmr class is much more important. 
so I made this sacrifice,I'm not going to talk today. 
I din't open my mouth to talk for 15 hours already ,lets make it 24 hours++
The end~

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